"One-Armed Farmer Reveals The Most
Over-Looked Secret That Grows You
Mouth-Watering Organic Tomatoes In
Half The Time, With Less Effort, And
Doubles Your Harvest..."

Without Losing Your Plants To Disease, Using Steroids or Damaging Chemical Additives, All With Simple Age-Old Gardening Wisdom!

From the desk of: Kacper M. Postawski

Dear tomato gardener,

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur gardener with a small backyard patch of space to work with, or if you own acres of land suitable for mass production. This little guide is going to reveal to you the secrets of growing the most beautiful, tasty tomatoes you’ve ever experienced.

My grandfather, Stan, now in his late 70s, spent his entire life in agriculture.

No. Not the agriculture that is responsible for the produce that you and I are used to now when we walk into the grocery store.

Real agriculture. Real organically grown food.

Most of all, he grew tomatoes, by the tons! And they were absolutely incredible.

Let's talk about the tomato, and what we're actually aiming to achieve through these techniques you're about to learn.

Today, When You Cut Open a
Tomato, What Happens?

Well, first of all, notice that most tomatoes are thick skinned, they’re uneven, most of them are deformed. Cutting it is almost like trying to saw your arm off. Unless you have an extremely sharp knife, cutting tomatoes is a massacre.

You get this thing, or a couple of them, you cut them open. The first thing that you’ll see is segregations in the tomato, as if it had walls, or veins, it’s rather scary if you think about it. There’s almost no smell to it, except for a light scent.

When you cut it open, some kind of glue like substance oozes out of the inside and spills all over your cutting board. What you’re left with, are almost tasteless strips of red membrane which sometimes have a few seeds stuck to it.

Often, this red inner membrane isn’t red at all, but green or white towards the center...

It seems natural when you think about it, after all, almost all tomatoes today look like that. If you haven’t seen a real tomato before, you probably might think that this is what a tomato is suppose to be like. Which most people do.

What you’re going to realize after reading this guide and my grandfather’s age-old tomato wisdom, is that this isn’t a tomato at all!

It’s a Genetically Deformed Mutant!

If you’re sick of imposter tomatoes, and you want the real thing, the simple yet powerful wisdom you’ll find in this powerful guide will be priceless.

There is a cheap way to grow beautiful, delicious tomatoes, in half the time, with twice the results in numbers produced. Without any steroids or damaging chemical additives, all with simple age-old gardening wisdom.

My grandfather grew over 12 Tonnes of organic tomatoes per season. That’s 12,000 Kilograms, or about 20,000 Lbs, all in just 2 average sized foil green houses. People from cities over 60 miles away would drive there just for those tomatoes. They were that mouth-watering good!

And, ...what was most shocking, is that he did it with only one arm, as his other arm was permanently paralyzed since he was 9 years old.

The Tomatoes Had To Be Delicious,
Because They Paid The Bills

Living in Poland, a poor Eastern country in the 50s, with little money to feed his 3 children, he did most of this work by himself.

My grandfather grew absolutely mouth-watering fruits and vegetables... He grew all kinds of things, berries, roses, pickles, lettuce, but mostly vegetables. Coming from a poor family, he had to rely only on his knowledge of gardening, passed down from generations, to grow produce that people would buy and enjoy eating.

Everything my grandfather knew came from decades of experience and testing.

Everyone of his friends who owned farms asked him about his supposed secret. It wasn’t a secret at all. He would tell it to them whenever asked about it. They continued producing junk, he kept on making the good stuff. Even though they knew the secret. Why?

I don’t know.

I guess people don’t like changing their ways.

But here it is, now it’s yours. If my grandfather can grow 12 tonnes of organic tomatoes with 2 mid sized green houses, imagine what you can do yourself with whatever garden, farm, or space you have.

I sat down with my grandfather one day, put a tape recorder on the table, and said "Tell me everything you know about growing tomatoes." You're reading the result of that entire day, which was spent listening to my grandfather in fascination, laughing often as he peppered his lecture with funny stories.

Before we get into the number one tomato growing secret, let's define what a real tomato actually is, this way, we can create a mental image of what we're trying to grow!.

The bottom line is, the tomatoes he grew were absolutely mouth watering, splendid, and delicious! What is the difference between the tomatoes you see sold today and these tomatoes?

  1. The first thing was their evenness. Every tomato was exactly the same size. This is almost impossible to believe today. Look at tomatoes on the shelf today, they’re all difference sizes. This isn’t natural, it’s genetic deformation. Even the tomatoes you grow in your garden will have some kind of deformations.

  2. Every tomato had a STRONG amazing aroma to it. You could smell these tomatoes without even cutting them. When you brought a batch of tomatoes into the kitchen from the garden, the smell would fill your nose even 2 feet away.

  3. The skin of the tomato wasn’t thick at all, it was paper thin. The skin was completely digestible and had a texture similar to that of a peach, except not as fuzzy.

    (When you touch a tomato now, the skin feels almost like it’s made of plastic)

  4. When you cut these tomatoes open, the smell was even more tantalizing!

    The smell of fresh tomato would fill your entire room. It’s the same thing that happens with oranges when you peel them in a room, almost everyone will be able to smell them.

  5. There was no glue like substance in the tomato, or odd green or red vein like membranes.

  6. Instead, the tomato was filled with a lush fruity inside! If you took a tomato that is sold in stores now, and compared it to this thing, it would be unrecognizable.

  7. If you took a knife to the tomato, as opposed to just biting into that juicy sucker, the tomato slices would cut like slices of cheese. They were flexible, and held their form. Unlike ordinary tomatoes, which explode into a puddle of gush upon cutting!

And The TASTE?
It Was Sweet!

These tomatoes were so good, you could eat them like apples!

What do tomatoes taste like now?

Often, nothing close to "sweet"

It’s a sad thing what has happened to the tomato. It has degenerated in taste and appearance, thatmost people today don't even know these days that tomatoes are actually"fruits."

You Too Can Grow Tomatoes Just Like These... Here's Why:

Just don’t blame me when you have neighbors, friends and relatives banging on your door every day asking you if you’ve got any of these left.

(Which of course you will because you’ll have so much of them, you won’t know what to do with them!)

My Grandfather's #1 Tomato Secret...

In a nut-shell, if you do just this one thing... 3 things will happen to your tomatoes:

  1. Your tomatoes will grow faster. They'll mature in about 3-4 months, instead of the average 6.

  2. It will make the tomato plant produce 3 to 6 times more tomatoes!

  3. It will change the way the plant uses it's energy. How? It moves it's energy into the fruit, instead of its leaves, making your tomatoes larger and juicier.

No More Dead and
Rotten Tomato Plants...

Most of all...

This method will also protect your tomato plants from rot and fungus and disease. If you don’t do it, there is a very high chance that in the 2nd month of your growing, your tomato plants will heel over and die. Especially if the weather gets a little cool suddenly, your plants could die very quickly.

This really is not a joke, any tomato gardener will tell you, the most frustrating thing about growing tomatoes is losing them to disease. I’ve seen 2 month old tomato plants completely die in 48 hours. This is probably why it’s important I tell you about this first.

This one thing is so basic, yet, from what my grandfather has told me, it is still surprising how many people don’t do it, don’t know about it, or know about it, and still don’t do it!

If you’re already growing tomatoes, all you need to do is go out to your garden/green house today and do this, within 4 weeks you’ll have so many tomato flowers, when they ripen, you’ll have to carry them out in crates.

Or, if you have already ripening flowers, they will ripen much quicker, and be much healthier, juicier, and tastier.

To start explaining this secret, let’s listen to one of my grandpa’s short tomato gardening stories.

"You’re Not Growing Tomatoes,
You’re Growing Leaves!"

" About 20 years ago I was visiting a friend in Florida. He lived far away from the city where there were a lot of crops and lots of fertile land. When I got to his house, he quickly took me to the garden to show me his tomato plants.

When he took me to the garden, I shrieked in horror! Where I expected to see tomato plants, I saw instead, my worst nightmare as an experienced tomato producer. Tomato Plants With Leaves!

"What are you doing?" I asked.

My friend looked bewildered.

I continued... "You’re not growing tomatoes my friend, you’re growing leaves.”

To his protest, I quickly found a pair of gloves, and headed for the jungle which he called his tomato garden...

I spent an hour in his garden and chopped all the leaves off of his tomato plants. When I was done, there was nothing left. Where there were sprouting bushes of green leaves before, were now bare skinny stems, as if winter came and took everything off in an hour.

He came back and yelped in fear at what he saw "Stan! What have you done to my tomato plants, you cut everything off! It looks horrible! They’re going to die.”

I just shrugged my shoulders and told him to wait and see.

3 weeks later, when I was back at home, he called me all the way from Florida to say "Stan I can’t believe it, I have so many tomatoes! I’ve started giving them away to the neighbors, I don’t know what to do with them!'"

Now, let me explain this to you in detail with some science behind it.

The number one, topmost mistake tomato gardeners do, unknowingly, is growing tomato plants with leaves. It’s an innocent mistake because, after all, we’re used to seeing plants with leaves.

With any other vegetable, you can simply plant it in the ground, add some random fertilizer and vegetable food, water it, and see what happens. This is not the case with the tomato.

With Tomatoes, That's a Recipe for
Growing Bushes With Sour Red Balls...

Most of the time when you look at tomato plants in gardens, they’re full of leaves and resemble bushes. This is what happens when you just plant it, and see what happens.

There’s a special technique for growing tomatoes that professional tomato producers have known for decades.

Here is the general rule of thumb for the tomato plant, the science of which I’ll be repeating and explaining in much more detail in the later part of this guide.

The Two Golden Rules
Of Delicious Tomatoes

Here’s where the secret’s at:It's the FRUIT that needs the sun-light, not the leaves. Yes, the leaves need sun-light too, but only in the early stages of the plant. Most people make a critical mistake when the plant reaches maturity, and let the leaves hog all the energy, not the fruit.

This is why tomatoes taste sour, why the plant doesn't produce as many tomatoes is it can.

You need to know how to groom tomato leaves and leaf branches, and you need to know how to do it properly, or you could do more harm than good.

Air Flow

The other reason why this is critical is because of air-flow. When you have a big leafy bush of a tomato plant, the leaves restrict the vital flow of fresh air to the fruit.

This isn't good for the tomatoes, and it's dangerous in colder climates, and a recipe for fungus disease - it's why so many people in colder climates lose plants to fungal diseases.

To form incredible tomatoes, what the plant needs most of all is water and air.

It needs water to create the tomatoes, and air to help it breathe!

Just like you breathe heavier when you're running or doing something difficult, the plant needs to breathe more when it's in the process of making fruit. It makes sense, even though it's easy to overlook.

So What Kills Your Tomatoes?

The real problem is right at this time. Most people grow their tomato plants incorrectly up until this stage...

The result?

  1. The plant is unable to drink as much water as it needs to give you the best harvest. (The leaves and leaf branches hog a lot of the energy)

  2. It's chocking to death, and cannot get enough Carbon, which is in the air.


Because they’re growing LEAVES, not Tomatoes!

Do you know how many leaves a tomato plant really needs to thrive? Are you ready for this?

A Grand total of.....

* Drumroll...........

3 Leaves! Yes. 3 little leaves. Yet, at the 8 week mark, most people will have about 40 or 80 leaves! This is serious trouble for the tomato plants. Here’s why.

  1. The tomato leaves and the leaf branches suck away all the food, water, and energy from the fruit! They need to be removed so that the food, water, and energy goes into the flowers(the fruit!)

  2. The tomato leaves form a thick coating around the entire tomato plant. Preventing the flow of fresh air to the plant! You’d think the tomato plant could breathe, but it’s suffocating!

    The tomato plant needs a constant flow of fresh air! The air needs to be re circulated about 60 times per minute. The leaves completely stop this process.

  3. If the weather becomes too humid, the huge jungle of leaves offers a nice damp area of fungal diseases and all kinds of other nasty stuff to form and kill your plants within 48 hours or less.

  4. If you’re growing tomatoes outdoors, and it rains, the damp leaves offer a spring board for fungal diseases.

The list goes on and on, however, point 1 and 2 are most important. I’ll say it again...

"The tomato plant needs a constant flow of fresh air! The air needs to be re circulated about 60 times per minute. The leaves completely stop this process., The tomato leaves and the leaf branches suck away all the food, water, and energy from the fruit! They need to be removed so that the food, water, and energy goes into the flowers! (the fruit!)"

If This is Not Done Properly,
You'll See...

  1. Fewer Tomato Flowers

  2. A Much Lower Turn-Out of Fruit

  3. Sour Red Balls For Tomatoes

  4. Dwarfed Often Deformed Tomatoes

  5. Tomato Plants Take Longer Mature

It’s a simple case of energy re-direction. The tomato plant needs only 3 leaves to assimilate carbon-dioxide and absorb the sun’s energy. The rest of the leaves are un-necessary. They’re dead waste.

If you want to grow incredibly tasting tomatoes in half the time and produce 3 to 10 times more tomatoes, you need to use this secret.

When you correctly remove the right leaves from the plant as it grows, all the energy that would normally be used to growing and sustaining the thick tomato branches and the bushy leaves goes right into the fruit. The tomato plant then produces more fruit, the fruit grows quicker, and the fruit is much tastier!

Overall, the whole plant is much stronger, and less likely to die from some sort of disease

As explained in later chapters, the tomato plant is a very sensitive plant. It is very prone to diseases. Almost half the time, amateur tomato gardeners lose entire harvests due to fungal diseases.

Your Tomato Plants Can Die in
48 Hours...

I’ve seen entire tomato plants, with almost ripe fruit, completely wiped out by fungal disease in 48 hours! The disease takes out everything, including all the fruit.

If you follow this secret down to the T, it drastically reduces the chances of your plants getting sick happening, Why?

Because it allows the plant even and unlimited access to fresh air, which keeps the plant happy and strong. Then, as long as the temperature and growing condition are right, the plant is virtually invulnerable to disease.

However, there is an exact way to practice this technique, ...if it is done incorrectly you could un-intentionally infect your plants through the open wounds left by the removed branches.

In the guide book "Organic Tomato Magic" I guide you and show you step-by-step how to apply this technique from Day 1 to Harvest Day. Along with many other techniques for saving time and getting the most of out of your tomato plants:

Even More Tips Like This Inside:
"Organic Tomato Magic"

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Remember, my grandfather spent almost 30 years producing real organic tomatoes on a massive scale, back when organic food was all that was grown.

After applying these principles for years, I've put together a quick guide-book "Organic Tomato Magic" which is designed to be a short read in which you'll quickly learn each and every last of our family tomato gardening secrets... and... in just minutes, you'll be able to go out into your garden and apply these techniques and get the great tomatoes you want.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the ebook:

  • The entire tomato grooming secret explained in rich detail: How to groom the leaf branches in such a way, as the plant grows, to always leave the 3 necessary leaves in the correct area so they act as solar panels and lungs for the plants.

  • When you groom your tomato plants, new stems will try to grow out of the tomato plants to form an entirely new plant. Learn how to handle these properly without damaging the plant.

  • The grooming secret will send your plants into great heights, but can also increase the risk of disease if you do not take care of the leaf branches properly, find out why.

  • How to save time and money pollinating your tomato flowers when they are ready. This method is so simple, it will cost you $0, and takes less than 5 minutes to pollinate an entire green-house of tomatoes. You don’t have to spend money on expensive pollinating fluids or other contraptions.

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  • An average tomato plant will only have 3 to 4 fruit bunches. Learn how my grandfather grew tomato plants with 7, and even 10 fruit bunches, and how you can easily do the same. These tomato plants were almost 12 feet tall! If the tomato grooming technique doubles your harvest, this will double it again!.

  • The exact fertilizer you need for your tomato plants to germinate quickly and grow like there’s no tomorrow. (This is the cheapest, most overlooked fertilizer on the market, you don’t need any of the fancy stuff that goes for $10 a bag)

  • Learn the precise acidity of the soil that’s required for your tomato plants to be truly happy, strong, and healthy. How to prepare the soil in a few easy steps.

  • How to organize your garden or green house so your tomatoes thrive with other plants nearby. Example: Pickles CANNOT grow with tomatoes in the same greenhouse mixed together for long. The pickles like much different temperature, put them together and your pickles might very easily get sick and spread it onto your tomatoes.

  • How to grow great tomatoes year after year...

    What creates genetic deformations in tomatoes and how to avoid it! If you want to grow great tomatoes not only once, but year after year, you need to know this. or you’ll end up with deformed tomatoes with green pulp in the center... Yuck!

And much more!

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If you don't know this information, chances are you will grow some tomatoes, but as satisfying as it is to grow tomatoes, they can also the most frustrating plants on the planet.

Fungus or "mushroom" disease is something tomato plants catch very easily, and if you grow the plants incorrectly, you'll get really irritated when you walk into the garden one day and see your plants rotting to death.

Or, when after months of planning, watering, and taking care of these plants, you finally bite into that first ripe tomato only to find out it tastes sour, or just the same as the tomatoes from the grocery store. That can be a really defeating feeling.

The best part is, you'll have instant online access to this information, as you will be able to download the guidebook onto your computer, and be reading it in your web-site browser in moments... then... go out into your garden and start applying it!

What To Do Now

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If my grandfather could do it in the 1970s with simple foil green-houses and no hydroponics systems... and, only one healthy arm, You'll have incredible success with these techniques.

Here's My Guarantee To You

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When you order your copy of Organic Tomato Magic today, it comes with my unconditional 100% iron-clad money back-guarantee:

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May your days be warm and your tomatoes happy!,

Your Tomato Guy,

Kacper Postawski

PS. When else are you going to get the chance to learn age old tried-and-true tomato gardening techniques that some-one else has been using to make a living with for over 30 years?

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